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Our hangers are so versatile you'll be amazed at what you can put on them!


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My goodness do they make doing live sales so much easier! No more losing numbers or stacking leggings in falling piles! These are amazing!!! They are perfect for presenting and storing! Talk about an All in One kind of product! Thank you so much Ike Carlson

Brittany Stokes
Fashion Retailer

About Me

Ike Carlson


My wife and I have a retail business selling clothes and we were having a hard time getting hangers for our leggings.  So we decided to solve our problem by making our own hangers.  We wanted to make the best hangers we could but still have a simple and elegant design.  All sorts of ideas were considered, but we finally chose stainless steel.  It is much more expensive than regular steel, but doesn't rust or need paint.  It is also very strong.  The shape of the hanger is very simple, making it faster and easier to manufacture (something that is important when making things by hand).

It just so happens that people loved them and asked if we would make them to sell, so we said yes.  Our patent pending hangers are made right here in the United States out of stainless steel and will not rust.  

Helping people is one of our passions.  That is why we decided to continue making these hangers and sharing them with the rest of the world.  The stainless steel for our hangers is purchased locally to help support local families.  We feel like everyone is family, even if they live somewhere far away.

We love receiving letters and emails from customers telling us how much they love our service, products, and devotion.  Our customers are very important to us and we owe them a debt of gratitude for sticking with us. (You guys are great!)  Please, feel free to send feedback and tell us what you think of our hangers, we do love hearing from you.

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